In a recent poll of our members, many expressed a desire to have a faster, more streamlined program that only featured the tools they used the most and at a price they could afford in this sluggish economy. We listened and the result is the Marketer's Mega Site! We have taken the most popular submitters and fashioned them into a powerhouse marketing program.

The Double Opt-In Email Submitter
There are a total of 20 double opt-in email submitters that are each loaded with an average of 10 double opt-in email lists. Each list has approximately 5000 english speaking general audience leads. We'll be sending to about 50 million double opt-in leads all by filling out one easy form. We send your ads to our mail queue then they're sent out within an hour.

The Automatic Exit Rotator
Ad rotators have been around for years and they have always been quite effective for driving traffic to a website because the potential customer gets to see what they might be buying right away. This eliminates the need to open an email and click a link to see your offer. What is especially effective about our exit rotator is that we automatically add your URL to the rotator based on the ad you submit through our email submitter.

The Classified Ad Submitter
Classified ads have been a mainstay of internet marketers for years and our classified ad submitter sends to 3700 classified ad sites automatically. Our innovative script will determine the best category selection for your ad submission based on your keywords.

The Directory Submitter
Directory submission is one of best ways to build free one way backlinks to your website. Directory submission can be a very time consuming task. But that's only in the past, with our easy to use directory submitter you can now submit your website to 511 directories in less than an hour.

The Blog Submitter
Blogs are an extremely popular form of advertising. When you post to the 3200 blogs, your ads will immediately go into rotation and get exposure among our vast network of blogging sites. We have permission from the major blog networks to post to their blogs with your ads.

The Ezine Submitter
Many marketers claim that ezine advertising gives you the best return on your time and money. Our fully automated submitter will submit your ezine ad to 2300 ezines completely hands free, behind the scenes. All ezines are part of our affiliated network. No verification is required.

The Search Engine Submitter
Marketing your website involves more than just submitting a few ads or emails to get people to visit your site. One of the most common ways people find their way to your site is through a search engine. We submit your ad to 230 of the most popular search engines.

So, Let's Get You Signed Up!
You'll get six separate submitters custom designed to send rivers of traffic to your offers for only $10 a month or a one time payment of $30. The choice is yours. Use the submitters as often as you like and advertise anything except pornographic material or anything harmful to children. Other than that, you're free to use the submitters any time, day or night. Get your membership today!

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We're 100% compliant with PayPal's policies because we are not offering unsolicited bulk email submission services, we're not selling lists of any kind nor are we giving out personal identifying information. Members can send ads to our 100% double opt-in leads as many times per day as they wish.


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